Beyond pleasures We love a “full on flavor” project and DISFRUTA is just that. We created a tasty image and that makes your heart miss a beat with goodness. The whole line made us think about texture, color, and brand assets that construct indulgence.


Beyond taste Out process is called GO BEYOND and that is what we did for this project. We tried to communicate flavor, cleanliness and experience. Every element was carefully chosen to create a fresh and powerful image. This design was a game changer for the brand and added a premium not that completely renewed it.


Never grow up Creating packaging for kids is a serious business. That’s why we used our imagination to the top to come up with an image that only a child can think of. Yoplait Kids was an opportunity to create characters that represent all kinds of children and the design shows an inclusive and thoughtful …



Vegan broth? Of course  This is a complete illustration that show natural assets with a splash of color that communicates flavor. Veggie Mix is so unique that we worked in delicate but powerful manner that resulted in a powerful brand that stands out. This project combined the work of the render and production teams to …

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Feeling good The pandemic taught us how important are ingredients in order to be healthy. INMUNO had this goal and was a product design for families who searched an ally to feel better. When we got this brief we simply knew that the design was a tool towards this goal. We’ve created simple and powerful …

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Beyond Hydrating This TCCC project opened the new pharma door to us. We went to a new thinking process and a deep national and international research to create a design that was able to convey the product benefits. The image is fresh and clean and has a clinic sensation that helps communicate the nature of …

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Hold my beer Charro exceeded expectations from its conceptualization and through the whole brand process. We combined illustration techniques to achieve an image that reflects on a modern Charro. We’ve created a universe where fantasy, a mighty chopper and flavor picture the brand essence. The printing process helped us create a “bill type” result that …

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Beyond Cookies This project challenged our creativity and our ability to go beyond borders. We’ve created a universe of flavor and a true connection with the gen z target who looks for more than a cookie and dives into a whole experience. Chocowow demanded a multidisciplinary team that was able to create such WOW experience …

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